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When: June 4 - 8, 2017
Where: Volvo Arena Riga

What: Hockeycamp Sweden Riga with Ansis Straupe


Hockeycamp Sweden RIGA

1:st annual Camp in Riga - with Ansis Straupe

Train with Ansis Straupe, one of europes most skilled skating coaches. Experience Swedish skills training with Starzone Sports, one of Swedens largest suppliers of Camps and indivduell development.


About Hockeycamp Sweden Riga:

Hockeycamp Sweden (part of Starzone Sports) is proud to present Hockeycamp Sweden Riga.

We offer 5 days of high intensity and quality training with high ambition players that wants to continue to focus on their individual development. Hockeycamp Sweden Riga is for you that want to challenge yourself with high level on- and off ice training.

During our Camp you will get more than 15 hours of ice training. There is also 10 hours of Off-Ice training for a complete ëxperience of training that will help you reach the next level of hockeyskills.

Our coaches are worldleading within pedagogy and how to instruct and show technical details. 

You will get the possibility to experience Swedish skills training and pedagogy from one of Swedens largest suppliers of Camps and individual player development

Skills coaches from Sweden:

Ansis Straupe – Powerskating and stickhandling

Gustav Wallner – How to score and defense

Mattias Valente – Attacking and passingskills

All this is included: 

  • 15 hours of ic
  • 10 hours of hockeyspecifik Off-ice training. 5 hours of stickskills and 5 hours of shootin
  • Train with Swedens most experienced skillscoaches
  • Each coach is specialized within ther skills competence to give you the optimal learning.
  • Specific traing for defenders and attackers.
  • 5 classroom sessions with lectures including mental strength training


Registration is processed through our Webshop. Once you registrated for one Camp you have your own account where you can see all of the details for current and historical Camps. Click the webshop to proceed to the webshop.


Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


Camp Director: Ansis Straupe - ansis@starzonesports.com - ++46-73-147 36 16

Camp administration: Mattias Valente - mattias@starzonesports.com - +46709787855

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